Ticket Prices

  • Thursday Night Test N Tune: $10 for spectators
  • If you are testing it is $15.00
  • Points Races: $10 adult
  • Special Events: $15

​​12 & Under Always FREE

​​Racer Info

​​Our Location

2015 marked Wilkesboro Dragway's 60th year of drag racing, making it the oldest operating drag strip in North Carolina. 

Phil and Pat Halbadel proudly call Wilkesboro Dragway their home, and they happily welcome racers and spectators to "Come Play in Our Backyard"

every time the gates open.

Kevin Thorne


Track Photographer

774 Dragway Road

Wilkesboro, NC  28697

Phone: (336)973-7223

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Spectator Info

General Rules

Thursday Nights

  5pm - 9pm (March, April, mid-October - Close)

  6pm - 10pm (May - mid-October)

Saturdays (Qualifying 2 hours after Gates Open)

  Gates open at 10am


For 2018, racers must purchase & display a Wilkesboro Dragway Points Participant decal.  Decals must be purchased by no later than 05/05/18.  Points for each race will be based on the CAR NUMBER associated with the decal purchase.  Decals will be $5.00 each and will be available for purchase in the tower.  There will be 13 points races, with NO makeups and NO drops.  10 Bonus Points will be awarded to racers participating in ALL 13 points races.  

Points Structure:

  • 2 points for entering
  • 2 points for each round won (0 points for buy back on round lost)
  • 5 extra points for race win (7 total for final round win)


Points Races & Regular Bracket Races:

All Racers will pay $10.00 at gate and the remainder at tower.

  • Top E/T $10 at gate and $40 in the tower
  • Modified E/T $10 at gate $30 in the tower
  • Street E/T, Junior Dragsters & Motorcycles $10 at gate $15 in the tower
  • Dash for Cash $5 - Determines 1st Round Bye Run
    • Winner is whoever is closest to the dial-in
    • Red light does not mean disqualification.

Special Events:

  • Special Events $15 ​Depends on the event, specifics will be posted on each event flyer.


Points Races & Regular Bracket Races:

  • First and Second OR Third
    • ​Racers who win 1st & 2nd round, who lose 3rd are permitted to buy back after 3rd.
  • ​Top E/T $40, Modified E/T $30, Street E/T $15, Junior Dragsters and Bikes $10

​​Special Events:

  • ​Depends on the event, specifics will be posted on each event flyer and/or announced at the event.

PURSE/PAYOUT 2018 (Updated 7/31/2018)

Points Races:

   Top ET:
66 Cars and Up $3,000
61 - 65 Cars $2750
56 - 60 Cars $2500
51 - 55 Cars $2250
46 - 50 Cars $2000

41 - 45 Cars $1,750
36 - 40 Cars $1,500
31- 35 Cars $1,200
26 - 30 Cars $1,000
21 - 25 Cars $750
20 Cars or  Less Will Pay 80%

Mod ET:
66 Cars and Up $2,300
61 - 65 Cars $2,100
56 - 60 Cars $1,900
51 - 55 Cars $1700
46 - 50 Cars $1,500
41 - 45 Cars $1,300
36 - 40 Cars $1100
31 - 35 Cars $900
26 - 30 Cars $700
21 - 25 Cars $600
20 Cars or Less Will Pay 80 %

Top and Mod both pay $300 Runner-Up
and $100 Semi-finals

Top and Mod pays $20 a round after 3rd round winner

Street - 80% Payback To the Winner
Juniors - 80% Payback To The Winner

​​Regular Bracket Races & Special Events:

Depends on the event & car count, specifics will be posted on event flyer and/or available at the event.

​Regular Bracket Races & Special Events:

  • Depends on the event & car count, specifics will be posted on event flyer and/or available at the event. 

Hours          (See Calendar for Details)

Track Info

NO OPEN CARRY FIREARMS PERMITTED on the property.  Concealed weapons are only permitted for properly licensed individuals.


All applicable IHRA safety regulations must be observed (see www.ihra.com for more information).

ALL CLASSESNO EXCEPTIONS – Safety Belts/Harness, Helmet, & Long Pants are REQUIRED

Every car must pass tech inspection before running in events

  • Top, Mod, Street, & Motorcycles – ALL racers must present a Valid Drivers’ License during tech
  • Street: Vehicles must be “Street Legal” with up to date tag and proof of current insurance
    • Street cars MUST be 7.99 seconds or slower and run on pump gas (no Alcohol)

Limit of 2 crew members per car are permitted on the starting line.

  • Additional crew members will be asked to exit starting line area one time, subsequent infractions will result in disqualification

Entering the pre-stage beams signifies the Driver & Crew’s acceptance of the dial-in on the scoreboards.

DEEP staging is permitted, courtesy staging is expected

  • Drivers wishing to deep stage must CLEARLY mark “DEEP” on ALL FOUR sides of their car.

There will be NO:

  • Changing lanes past the entering the staging lanes (unless instructed to do so by a track official).
  • Changing dial-in after the commitment line at the head of the staging lanes
  • Smoking tires/locking up brakes at the finish line
  • Rolling burnouts (past the starting line) in Mod ET.

Racers violating ANY of these rules will be given one warning, subsequent infractions will lead to immediate disqualification.

Physical or verbal altercations with any member of Wilkesboro Dragway’s staff is strictly prohibited

  • Any infraction will result in immediate disqualification and expulsion from the premises.

There will be NO REFUNDS of entry fees.

  • Break passes will be granted prior to first round
  • Rain Checks are available in the event of inclement weather
  • All other situations – free entry to a future event will be considered on a case by case basis

Rain checks/break passes/free entry will be valued at the price of that particular event but can be used for/toward entry into any future event.